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Our team at Metro Air understands that you rely on your furnace to provide whole-home comfort during our bitterly cold Midwest days. As a Factory Authorized Dealer of Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, we proudly offer an array of quiet, energy-efficient furnaces that keep homes around the southwest metro area warm and comfortable. No matter the weather outside, you can be cozy inside with a Bryant® furnace that is built for superior performance. Available basic furnace options include:

Bryant Legacy™ Line Gas Furnaces

Known for their quality and durability, Bryant Legacy™ Line gas furnaces are a low-cost, entry-level solution for any home. These systems have a basic, single-stage gas valve with insulated cabinets for supreme quietness and a 95 percent AFUE, which translates to reduced energy use and maximum efficiency.

Preferred® Series Gas Furnaces

The Preferred® Series comes in single- and two-stage options for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency. Say goodbye to inconsistent airflow or hot and cold spots in your home and say hello to an even temperature all year long. These furnaces provide reliable heat throughout the winter and outstanding humidity control during the summer through SmartEvap™ technology when used in combination with a heat pump or air conditioner. With up to 96.5 percent AFUE, these units are incredibly quiet and the perfect mid-range furnace option. An upgrade from the Legacy™ Line, they come with an ECM motor, which is more electrically efficient.

Evolution® Series Gas Furnaces

Evolution® Series are some of the quietest and most energy efficient, top-of-the-line furnaces on the market today, with a 98.3 percent AFUE rating. Available in two-stage and modulating options, these furnaces boast ultra-quiet performance, even temperature distribution, a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger, four speed options of continuous fan operation, and accurate gas modulation. The Evolution® Series units are built to last for decades. An upgrade from the Preferred® Series, they provide superior modulating, more sophisticated controls for improved temperature and humidity management, and zone control interfacing.

Technical Must-Knows

Bryant® furnaces come in single-stage, two-stage, and variable-speed options, which are outlined below.


These systems are basic and affordable with a fixed gas valve and single-speed blower motor. They run at full capacity whenever they are in operation and are designed to heat your home during the coldest times of the year.


A two-stage system offers greater flexibility than a single-stage system, with improved efficiency and better temperature control. A quiet option for homeowners, these units can run at lower settings in mild weather and high settings during cold weather. Simply set the thermostat to your desired temperature, and the furnace will do its job heating. If it cannot reach the temperature in the first few minutes, it will switch to the high setting to make sure your home reaches the ideal temperature.


Built to be the most efficient on the market, these systems are the quietest and the best for temperature control. The variable-speed blower motor runs at different speeds in order to control the flow of air through your home. This means your home will have the ideal balance of humidity and temperature, which translates to maximum whole-home comfort all season long.


Not sure which one is right for your home? Contact us to ask about what model fits your home’s unique needs and specific layout.

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