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Preventative Maintenance

Our HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance can prevent HVAC system breakdowns and keep your equipment running smoothly for many years to come. Metro Air provides high-quality preventative maintenance that is well worth it in the long run. Our trustworthy technicians will never try to sell you something you don't need - purely ensure your HVAC systems are and will continue to function correctly and efficiently. Schedule an annual tune-up with Metro Air by calling us at 952-447-8124 or emailing us at to keep minor issues from becoming major headaches and expensive repair bills down the road. Check out our annual preventative maintenance checklists for heating and cooling.

Furnace Maintenance Plan

Over thirty individual items cleaned or inspected for heating, including the following:

  • Clean flame sensor
  • Clean condensate line and trap
  • Check/adjust gas pressure
  • Check blower motor current draw
  • Check inducer motor amp draw
  • Measure temperature rise across furnace
  • Perform combustion analysis to verify Carbon Monoxide level

AC Maintenance Plan

Over thirty individual items cleaned or inspected for cooling, including the following:

  • Check condensing fan current draw
  • Check compressor current draw
  • Test motor capacitors
  • Clean the outdoor coil
  • Clean the condensate line
  • Measure temperature drop across evaporator coil
  • Measure vapor line temperature