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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

Summer heat and humidity can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable. When the weather outside is sizzling, a reliable air conditioning system is a must. We offer a wide variety of Bryant air conditioning systems that provide cool comfort for your whole home, year after year. These systems are crafted with high efficiency performance in mind, so by a simple touch of a button, you can cool down during a heatwave.

Bryant Legacy™ Line Air Conditioners

If you’re searching for the most cost-effective cooling solution for the hottest days of summer, look no further than this line of outstanding air conditioners. Bryant Legacy™ Line single-stage systems offer up to a 16.5 SEER rating and are so quiet that you can go about your day with no disruption at all.

Bryant Preferred® Series Air Conditioners

These single- or two-stage units offer reliable cooling with quiet efficiency. With up to a 17 SEER rating, Preferred® systems are the perfect mid-range price option for homeowners looking for accurate room-by-room comfort all summer long. Available in the following models:

  • Two-Stage
  • Compact
  • Compact Horizontal Discharge
  • Single-Stage

Bryant Evolution® Series Air Conditioners

These air conditioning systems are available in single-stage, two-stage, and modulating/variable-speed units. They are powerful and quiet, with SEER efficiency ratings ranging from 16 to 21. When combined with the Evolution® Connex® control, you can control the comfort of your home from anywhere. Available in the following models:

  • Single-Stage
  • Two-Stage
  • Modulating/Variable-Speed

Technical Must-Knows

Bryant® air conditioners come in single-stage, two-stage, and variable-speed options, which are outlined below.


These systems are basic and affordable with a fixed gas valve and single-speed blower motor. They run at full capacity whenever they are in operation and are designed to cool your home during the hottest days of the year.


Two-stage systems offer greater flexibility than single-stage systems, with improved efficiency and better temperature control. A quiet option for homeowners, these units can run at lower settings in warmer weather. Simply set the thermostat to your desired temperature, and the system will do its job keeping your space cool. If it cannot reach the temperature in the first few minutes, it will switch to the high setting to make sure your home reaches the ideal temperature.


Built to be the most efficient on the market, these systems are the quietest and the best for temperature control. The variable-speed blower motor runs at different speeds in order to control the flow of air through your home. This means your home will have the ideal balance of humidity and temperature, which translates to maximum whole-home comfort all season long.


Not sure which system is right for your home? Contact us for air conditioning system options that fit your home’s unique layout and most importantly, your budget.

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