Posted on:
4. 12. 2021

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring Weather

Written by: Metro Air

Now that April is in full swing, the temperatures outside are slowly creeping up in Minnesota. Is your home’s HVAC system ready for the change of weather? Here are some basics that you’ll need to take care of before the warmer weather returns full-time.

#1: Clean the air filters.
Changing or cleaning your air filters will improve your air quality significantly. Not to mention, this also helps prolong the life of your system and helps protect it from unexpected breakdowns or expensive repairs. We recommend changing your one-inch filters every 1-2 months. If you have four-inch media filters, we recommend changing them every 3-6 months.

#2: Schedule your spring HVAC tune-up.
Spring cleaning? Tackling your home maintenance to-do list that has stacked up over the winter months? Don’t forget to schedule your spring maintenance tune-up with Metro Air Heating and Cooling. During a preventative maintenance appointment, our technicians will clean and/or replace air filters, clean the blower motor, replace or repair any parts that are causing issues, and check for any other undiagnosed problems. We have over 30 individual items cleaned or inspected at each maintenance appointment.

#3: Check your vents.
Staying comfortable in your home requires proper airflow from your HVAC machine. So, make sure any vents that are located both in and outside of your home. Make sure there are no leaves, dirt, plants, or other obstructions outside that could impact how your machine is functioning. Inside your home, make sure furniture and drapes are moved away from vents, so air can flow freely.

Springtime gets very busy for our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling! So, stay head of the game and call the experts at to get ask questions about a system replacement, or to get your system professionally tuned-up.

Posted on:
3. 15. 2021

How to Mitigate Airborne Pathogens

Written by: Metro Air

The pandemic has caused people around the world to do what they can to keep their health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything. Many of us are trying to find the best ways to keep immune systems strong and healthy. Airborne pathogens are a very real threat to our health. Here’s how you can reduce your exposure to them.

#1: Maintain the same temperature in your home.
Find the ideal temperature for your home and eliminate fluctuating temperatures. A programmable thermostat is a great way to do this. You can accurately control the temperature of your home, ensuring that each room is evenly heated and cooled. It’s also important to control humidity in your living space. Very high and very low humidity can increase pathogen problems. It is best to have humidifier or dehumidifier equipment, such as those from Aprilaire to keep humidity within the healthy range.

#2: Pay attention to your indoor air quality.
When we think about ‘dirty’ air, we think about cities full of smog. But did you know that the air inside your home can also be contaminated? Bacteria, allergens, mold spores, viruses, and more travel through the air you breathe. This contributes to asthma, allergies, and sickness. The best way to combat dirty air and clean it is through a quality air purification system. Our Bryant air purification systems can help! Here are two of the most popular.

Evolution® Perfect Air ™ Purifier:
This outstanding system cleans the air in your home in only seconds. One of the most revolutionary features is the Capture and Kills™ technology. This catches up to 99% airborne germs, viruses, bacteria and mold, then zaps them with an electrical charge to destroy them.

Bryant Preferred™ Series Air Purifier:
This system also uses the Capture and Kills™ technology and traps up to 96% of airborne germs and pathogens that cause the flu, common cold, and strep. This purifier is great for smaller spaces.

Stay healthy by mitigating airborne pathogens! Keep your home safe and free of viruses or other harmful toxins that contribute to poor health. So contact our experts at Metro Air Heating & Cooling for details on air purification systems. Or, we’re glad to help provide options for a new, reliable heating or cooling system installation so you and your family can stay comfortable all year long.