Posted on:
3. 23. 2020

Spring Weather HVAC Tips

Written by: Metro Air

The official first day of spring arrives this month. That means you’ll have to start thinking about getting your system ready for the change of season. Here’s the best way to do that.

Tip #1: Clear and clean the outside HVAC unit.
Winter in the Midwest is brutal. Snow and ice wreaks havoc on your heating system, especially the outside unit. Once the weather clears up and you’re able to start working outside, make sure the outdoor unit is free of debris and dirt. If this isn’t cleared, the performance of your system is compromised. Not to mention, the internal components will also be impacted by debris or dirt that can make its way inside over the last several months. If your HVAC system is working harder than it must, you could also see a spike in your energy bill.

Tip #2: Replace or clean air filters.
Your air filters are often the last thing you think about when it comes to home maintenance to-dos. However, making sure they are cleaned or replaced regularly is important. There are two reasons why:

  • Dirty air filters bring in dirty, dusty air.
  • Dirty filters cause your system to work harder than it has to, reducing efficiency and increasing utility costs.

To avoid negative impact on your machine or your health, be sure you replace or clean your filters every other month. This will help minimize the flow of dander, dust, pollen, and other harmful bacteria or allergens that circulate the air.

Tip #3: Replace your thermostat.
Spring is a great time to embrace the old saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ Replacing your old, outdated thermostat is a great idea, especially with springtime weather on the horizon. A programmable thermostat helps  regulate the temperature of your home both day and night, whether you’re home or not. Programmable thermostats work with your schedule. For example, if you’re gone during the day and don’t need to use your HVAC system, program it to turn down the temperature. Then, program it to turn up again before you get home. You can control the temperature from anywhere in the world through the app. This translates to saved money and energy, all year long. In fact, programmable Wi-Fi thermostats help save the average homeowner up to 20% a year on energy bills.

Springtime is coming soon, and our schedule is filling up fast. Contact our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling today to schedule your spring preventative maintenance appointment, or to talk to us about a new heating or air conditioning system installation. Let us help find the right system for you! We will work with your budget, too. Contact us today for more information.

Posted on:
3. 10. 2020

3 Signs Your Residential System Needs Repair

Written by: Metro Air

As a homeowner, there are a lot of different things in your home that you must take care of. Whether it’s something small like weeding your flowerbed or changing a light bulb, or something bigger like replacing a water heater or servicing your furnace, homeowners need to be on top of home maintenance items. Your home’s comfort is your utmost priority, so what if your HVAC system is not working at its peak? Have you noticed that the system is using excess energy and increasing the price of your utility bills? If so, here are three signs your residential heating system needs attention.

#1: Variable temperatures.
Are you and your family members complaining that the temperature is too cold or too hot inside the home? Or, maybe temperatures or uneven and you simply can’t rely on the temperature being what you set the thermostat to be. These could be signs that something is wrong with the system. So, if temperatures are fluctuating from hour to hour or day to day, contact our professional technicians at Metro Air Heating & Cooling to look at why it’s happening.

#2: Rising utility costs.
Watching your bank account balance closely? You know how much your bills are each month and what it takes to cover them. But what if there is a sharp rise in your energy bill? If local energy rates haven’t increased or if there hasn’t been a drastic change in outside temperatures, it might be another reason: your HVAC system.

There may be an internal component that has gone bad or something else is malfunctioning to make the system work harder than it should. When the system must compensate for something that is wrong internally, it will use more energy and your utility bill can skyrocket.

#3: Odd smells and sounds.

Popping, clanging, or burning smells coming from your heating or cooling system are not normal. If you notice any of these, it’s important to be cautious and call our experienced team of technicians right away. We will look closely at it and determine if there is a problem.

Sometimes weird sounds or odors could indicate an issue with one of the inner components of the system. And, if you ignore it, it could cause a full system breakdown which could be very expensive to fix. Not to mention, it could pose a safety hazard for you and your family.

Metro Air Heating & Cooling is committed to the safety and comfort of your home and everyone that lives there. So, let us help you make sure your heating and cooling system is running as efficiently and reliably as possible. Contact us today for your spring preventative maintenance appointment or to get a repair done.