Posted on:
3. 13. 2017

Energy Conservation For Your Home

Written by: Metro Air

Spring weather is on its way and this usually means the temperature starts fluctuating a lot. This can sometimes mean it’s challenging to find a comfortable temperature to keep your heating and cooling system set to, because each day’s temperature outside will vary. But did you know that if you’re changing the temperature inside your home a lot could waste energy and be a big hit on your wallet? If you’re wondering how you can reduce your energy use and conserve energy in your home, we have some simple tips that can help.

Tip #1: Keep the thermostat set a lower.
Keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature during the day means you’ll see a reduction in your energy use and ultimately, your utility bill, especially if you turn it down or off during the hours you’re away from the house completely. If it’s a sunny day outside, open your blinds and let the natural light heat your home. The sun can serve as a natural source of warmth and you won’t need to use your HVAC system as much.

Tip #2: Make sure there’s enough insulation inside your home.
If your home has poor insulation, a lot of the heat from your home will be lost during the cooler months, and the cool air from your air conditioner can be lost in the warm months of summer. This means you’ll be wasting energy without even knowing it. Have a professional check the insulation in your home and make sure it’s adequate. Insulation automatically helps make your home more energy efficient.

Tip #3: Upgrade your furnace system.
If your HVAC system is out of date, it simply isn’t as energy efficient as the new ones that are available today. Whether it’s a ductless heat pump that makes sense for your home or a new gas furnace, our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling can provide you with some options that will fit with your home and most importantly, your budget.

Tip #4: Change your filter & call us for annual servicing.
Keeping your filter clean and changing it regularly is an important part of allowing your system to work at its peak efficiency. If the filter is continually left dirty, your machine has to work harder to heat and/or cool your home and this causes you to use more energy. In addition, scheduling regular annual maintenance on your system is important to keeping it tuned up and ready to tackle whatever weather we have. We’ll make sure all parts are in working order, explain any repairs or replacements that are necessary, clean filters, and much more.

If you’re looking to reduce your negative impact on the environment, energy conservation in your home is one of the first places to make changes. You’ll not only be kind to the earth and its resources, but you’ll also reduce your utility costs over the long term. Interested in learning more about a new thermostat or a new heating/cooling system? Contact us today for a free no-pressure quote.

Posted on:
3. 6. 2017

How to Avoid an HVAC Scam

Written by: Metro Air

HVAC repairs can be costly. But, they’re even more expensive if you talk to a contractor that is out to get your money. Unfortunately, there are contractors out there to scam you and charge unfair prices, so when you start doing your research on heating and cooling companies that can repair or replace your system, be on guard. There are dishonest people out there that are ready to make money off of you. Here are some red flags to look for when it comes to hiring a heating and cooling company.

Tip #1: Beware if contractors ask for money up front.
If you have called a company out for a bid and they ask for the cost of repair/replacement up front, this should be a big red flag. It’s not uncommon to ask for a down payment, then a final payment upon completion of the work, but if you have been asked to pay for the work before the work has begun, beware.  Not only could they take your money and never complete the work, but they could also be charging a really high price for work that isn’t even done the right way. When you’re getting estimates from companies, get them in writing so you have proof of the agreement.
Tip #2: Free tune-ups might be a trick.
A free estimate for work is one thing, but a free tune-up could be a red flag. Free always sounds tempting, but the contractor could be trying to get you hooked on signing up for a service that might end up being costly down the road.

Tip #3: Make sure the contractor has active, legit licenses.
During your research, be sure that the company is actively licensed and bonded. It is okay to ask them directly for this information and also do your research online to see if they have any complaints through local business associations or the city. Their online reviews can say a lot. Metro Air is a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer with many testimonials and positive reviews.

Tip #4: Be direct.
If you have hired a contractor and you are starting to feel uneasy about the repair work that’s being done, ask for the part that is going to be replaced. This way, if it does end up being a bad deal, you can take the part to a certified HVAC company and get their opinion on the repair. If it ends up that you’ve been scammed, you can try to go back to the other company and take appropriate action to get a refund or if necessary, take it to a legal professional for advice.

Hiring a heating and cooling company shouldn’t be a difficult or stressful thing, but it does require some research and the ability to ask questions and pay attention to some details. In the end, you’ll be glad you spent the time. If you’re looking to get a quote for a heating or cooling repair or a full replacement of your system, today. Our experienced team of professionals can help! Contact us for all of you HVAC needs.