Posted on:
4. 24. 2017

Why should you use ductless heating and cooling in a commercial building?

Written by: Metro Air

If your commercial building uses an old, outdated, or inefficient heating and cooling system, you’re probably used to seeing an increase in the utility bill once the central air conditioning gets turned back on during the spring and summer months. If you have put off a furnace replacement because you do not want the expense or the additional expense of adding and/or reworking ductwork, you’ve probably started to wonder if switching to a ductless heat pump is a good choice for your space.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business like a coffee shop or bakery, or a large commercial warehouse. There are some great advantages to going ductless. Here are some specific reasons why you should consider upgrading your commercial heating and cooling system so you can reap the rewards year round.

Reason #1: Ductless systems are incredibly energy efficient.
Commercial buildings many times require significant amounts of energy to keep the place comfortable for you and your employees. No ductwork? Not a problem! A ductless system will allow you to heat and cool the area all year long with only one main system. The best part? They’re so energy efficient that you’ll probably notice a big dip in your utility bill and you’ll likely save money on the expensive repairs you would have had to make on your old, outdated system. This translates to more money in your pocket, happier employees, and eventually, a more profitable business.

Reason #2: Ductless systems provide comfort year round.
A ductless system will offer users consistent temperatures, cleaner air, and humidity control. Sounds great, right? All you have to do is pick what temperature feels most comfortable for your commercial building, click the button, and you’re set. No matter how hot or cold it gets outside, you’ll be able to stay comfortable inside all year long.

Spring is a wonderful time to upgrade to a new ductless system. There are a variety of rebates and incentives available, and we can help you find which ones are out there. Our experienced team of technicians will install the system that fits the specific needs of your business. Most importantly, we will work closely with your budget! Contact us today for information on how a ductless system might be right for your commercial space.