Posted on:
7. 6. 2020

All About the Aprilaire DeHumidifer

Written by: Metro Air

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Is the humidity making you feel sluggish and uncomfortable? Midwest summers are humid and finding a way to combat it can get tricky. Our solution is the Aprilaire Dehumidifers are a wonderful way to reduce the humidity in your home and keep you comfortable all season long. Aprilaire dehumidifiers are full of benefits. They will:

-Protect: they reduce humid conditions, which helps protect your furniture, your home’s structure, and other belongings from warping, rot, or mildew. They can also reduce condensation that can cause peeling in your walls and wood

-Improve indoor air quality: these machines help reduce the growth of allergens like mildew and mold, which contribute to poor air quality, unhealthy breathing conditions

-Get rid of musty smells: Dehumidifers can help get rid of musty odors caused my humidity in the air

-Hinders dust mite growth: Dust mites love damp environments, so adding a dehumidifier to your home can help reduce their growth and help minimize dust mite allergic reactions

-Enhance comfort: they get rid of sticky, clammy air that contributes to sweaty and uncomfortable feelings

The Aprilaire dehumidifier comes with a 50-year warranty and comes in various sizes. They are available in sizes that offer dehumidifying in crawl spaces, small basements, or homes, or in spaces as large as 5,200 to 7,200 square feet.

Our experienced team of technicians will take a close look at your home and its specific layout and offer our recommendations on which dehumidifier is right for you. Contact us today for more information.

Posted on:
6. 22. 2020

Customer Care Club

Written by: Metro Air

Providing superior customer service is one of our core values at Metro Air Heating and Cooling. That’s why we have created a customer care club! We take great pride in having customers that trust their comfort to us. Our customer care club membership provides a variety of benefits and there is no contract required! We know that staying comfortable all year long is a priority! So, ensuring your heating and cooling system is prepared for every season is key.

Benefits of our customer care club:

  • Extends the life of your system
  • Reduces utility costs
  • Saves money on maintenance and repairs

Our customer care club includes:

  • $58 discount on initial tune-ups ($90 initial tune-up is required to join the customer care club)
  • 10% discount on upgrades
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • 2% discount on replacements
  • Fall furnace tune-up ($119 value)
  • Spring air conditioning tune-up ($119 value)
  • Priority scheduling and accommodations

Joining our customer care club is only $15 a month. And, it gives you peace of mind, all year long. Our staff will call you in the spring to set up an appointment for an air conditioning tune-up and in the fall, we will call you for a furnace tune-up. Easy! Our customer care club is easy to join and will ensure that there are no unexpected breakdowns, which can be stressful and expensive.

So, contact us today to schedule your appointment for a tune-up! We are glad to share more about our customer care club and its benefits. We look forward to serving you!