Posted on:
12. 28. 2020

Best Practices for Reducing Heating Bills This Winter

Written by: Metro Air

Winter weather in Minnesota is incredibly cold, making your heating system a necessity to stay cozy and comfortable all season long. Unfortunately, continuous use of your heating system can translate to high energy costs. And with the holidays right around the corner, the last thing you want to do is be surprised with a high utility bill. So, looking for ways to save money on your heating bill? Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Stay on top of filter changes.
You might not see the air filters in your heating system, but they play a big role in how it functions. In fact, if they are clogged and full of dirt, dust, and debris, your system will need to work harder than necessary to do its job. This extra strain increases energy usage and in turn, causes your energy bill to increase. Be sure to change your filters  every one to two months. This also helps prolong the life of your system!

#2: Schedule a preventative maintenance checkup.
Machines require maintenance. Just like a car requires a tune-up or an oil change, so does your furnace. Regular service appointments ensure that the system is running at peak efficiency. That helps keep your utility bills at a reasonable cost! In fact, our experienced team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling will check over 30 different items during your preventative maintenance appointment, including:

  • Clean flame sensor
  • Clean condensate line and trap
  • Check/adjust gas pressure
  • Check blower motor current draw
  • Check inducer motor amp draw
  • Measure temperature rise across furnace
  • Perform combustion analysis to verify Carbon Monoxide level

#3: Seal drafty windows or doors.
Leaky windows and doors are your furnace system’s enemy. Why? Because they could be causing all of that warm air to be leaked outside. Make sure you inspect your windows and doors, caulking and sealing them. This is an inexpensive way to seal areas that warm air escapes. And that makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your home evenly heated and your utility bill affordable.

Do you have additional questions on your furnace’s efficiency? Contact us today! We’ll make sure you have your system repaired, maintained or replaced in a reasonable time frame so you can stay warm this winter and beyond.


Posted on:
12. 14. 2020

Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Written by: Metro Air

Did you know that house fires occur more during the colder months than any time of the year? That’s because people spend more time indoors. Candles, furnaces, and fireplaces are being used continuously. Don’t fall victim to a house fire! This is a devastating and scary situation to be in. Here are some winter fire safety tips to keep your home and your family protected this season.

#1: Schedule furnace system maintenance.
When it comes to safely heating your home, furnace maintenance is a top priority. Make sure you have your system tuned up by our team of licensed and trained technicians at Metro Air Heating and Cooling. We’ll ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency and that there are no issues that could pose a safety threat. In addition to this maintenance, make sure you do your part to keep the system safe, too. That means ensuring no vents are covered and cleaning or replacing your filter every 1-2 months for 1-inch filters and 3-6 months for 4-inch media filters.

#2: Test your smoke alarms.
Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can be life savers, literally. Many devastating house fires could have been put out earlier if the smoke alarms were working properly. Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors every month. And if you haven’t checked or changed the batteries in them lately, do that right away. Most of the time, a simple battery change will get the detectors up and running well so you can rely on them to notify you in an emergency.

#3: Know how to safely use space heaters.
Portable heaters may be convenient and feel nice and cozy, but they are huge fire hazards. If you do choose to use a space heater, never leave them plugged in or unattended. Avoid placing them near loose fabric like tablecloths, bedding, or curtains. And if you have children or pets, make sure they are kept away from the heater, as they are hot and can cause burns.

So, hunker down a bit during this year’s cold Minnesota winter. But before you do that, prepare by ensuring your furnace is working reliably. Contact our team today to schedule a furnace tune-up or repair, so you can stay comfortable all season long.