Posted on:
4. 19. 2021

Types of Pests that Can Cause HVAC System Damage

Written by: Metro Air

Rodents, insects, and other pets can cause damage to your heating and cooling system units. Here are some helpful ways to keep common pests away from your system.

#1: Inspect.
If you have an outdoor unit, check regularly for chewed wires, ant mounds, or other remnants of animal excrement. If there’s an issue, call a professional pest control company to treat the area and get rid of the pests. Is there damage to the system’s electrical unit? Don’t attempt to fix it yourself. This could be a fire or safety hazard. So, call our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling. We’ll make sure to look at the wiring and other components that connect to those. We will discuss what repairs or replacements you need.

#2: Keep your system tuned-up.
Spring is a great time to schedule your annual HVAC system tune-up. These appointments ensure that the system is running efficiently and that all parts of working as they should. Our experts will also be able to see if any pests have caused internal or external system damage.

#3: Know where your pet is.
Your dog or cat is part of your family, so keeping an eye on where they are at all times is important. When you let them outside to go the bathroom, try to keep them away from your heating and cooling system unit. Urine causes corrosion over time and that could cause problems that could force you to repair or replace your system prematurely.

#4: Keep your home clean.
Rodents and other pests love to hang out in dirty spaces. So, keeping your yard free of debris and trash will help deter pests. Also, don’t allow water to pool around the system. This attracts pests or rodents that you don’t want. Inside your home, make sure the vents are kept clear so air can flow freely. And last, make sure to clean and/or replace air filters regularly. This helps bolster indoor air quality and keeps the system running at peak efficiency.

Call us today to get your preventative maintenance appointment scheduled, or to talk to us about a system replacement this spring. We’re standing by to help make sure you and your home stay comfortable all season long!


Posted on:
4. 12. 2021

How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring Weather

Written by: Metro Air

Now that April is in full swing, the temperatures outside are slowly creeping up in Minnesota. Is your home’s HVAC system ready for the change of weather? Here are some basics that you’ll need to take care of before the warmer weather returns full-time.

#1: Clean the air filters.
Changing or cleaning your air filters will improve your air quality significantly. Not to mention, this also helps prolong the life of your system and helps protect it from unexpected breakdowns or expensive repairs. We recommend changing your one-inch filters every 1-2 months. If you have four-inch media filters, we recommend changing them every 3-6 months.

#2: Schedule your spring HVAC tune-up.
Spring cleaning? Tackling your home maintenance to-do list that has stacked up over the winter months? Don’t forget to schedule your spring maintenance tune-up with Metro Air Heating and Cooling. During a preventative maintenance appointment, our technicians will clean and/or replace air filters, clean the blower motor, replace or repair any parts that are causing issues, and check for any other undiagnosed problems. We have over 30 individual items cleaned or inspected at each maintenance appointment.

#3: Check your vents.
Staying comfortable in your home requires proper airflow from your HVAC machine. So, make sure any vents that are located both in and outside of your home. Make sure there are no leaves, dirt, plants, or other obstructions outside that could impact how your machine is functioning. Inside your home, make sure furniture and drapes are moved away from vents, so air can flow freely.

Springtime gets very busy for our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling! So, stay head of the game and call the experts at to get ask questions about a system replacement, or to get your system professionally tuned-up.