Posted on:
11. 23. 2020

Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Heating System

Written by: Metro Air

Replacing your heating system requires some planning and research. It is an important investment in your home and in your overall comfort. Is it time to think about a replacement heating system? Here are a few important things to consider before you do that.

#1. Get your current system checked out.
Schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with our professional team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling. We will let you know if it’s safe and reliable. We’ll also talk to you about any repairs or adjustments that need to be made to make it run more efficiently and help prolong its lifespan. Unfortunately, your system doesn’t last forever. Staying on top of regular maintenance and signing up for our Customer Care Plan can help you answer these questions. And it just might even pay for itself with the discounts it includes if you do need to replace your system!

#2: Installing a new system may lower your cost of ownership.
It’s a fact: a new system is more energy efficient than your old one.  Older systems are expensive to maintain and they simply aren’t as reliable. Think about  a 15-year-old car: the repair costs escalate as wear and corrosion take their toll. Then you have to replace expensive parts until the whole car’s transmission fails. The same goes with a heating system. The older it gets, the more expensive it gets to take care of. Then, eventually you need to install a new system after investing a lot of money in repairs. So, while a new system might be a larger financial investment at the front end, it’s smarter to put your money there than into an old, inefficient system that could break down at any time.

If you have more questions, we can help! You can rely on our three decades of experience.  Contact Metro Air Heating and Cooling today for information on getting a quote for your new heating system.

Posted on:
11. 16. 2020

We are award winners!

Written by: Metro Air

We’re excited to announce that we’ve earned a Trillium Award from Housing First Minnesota! These awards go to trade partners of Reggie Award℠-winning and ROMA-winning homes for their contributions in making those homes exceptional. We’re honored to be recognized for the work we did in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system installation, in partnership with Kerber Family Homes.

Our team at Metro Air Heating &Cooling is dedicated to working with integrity and quality. We pay attention to the details. And we believe quality workmanship is the cornerstone of every project we’re a part of. We have years of expertise in the heating and cooling industry. But our loyal customers are what help make our success – including this award – possible.

“This award is something we’re very proud of,” says Chris McBride, Owner of Metro Air Heating & Cooling. “We value partnerships with every builder and customer that we have the privilege of working with. And we work hard to ensure that our projects are completed with the highest level of quality possible.”

We have been serving customers in Prior Lake and the surrounding area for over three decades. We’re a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. If you need to replace or repair your heating or cooling system, our qualified team is ready to help. Contact us today for more information.