Posted on:
1. 27. 2020

Repair, Replace, or Maintenance?

Written by: Metro Air


Winter weather will be here for a while and with temperatures in the negative temperatures on some evenings, you need to have a heating system that’s reliable. If it’s not reliable, you might wonder if a simple repair will do the trick. Or, will you need to completely replace it? Let us help answer that.

When a repair is best:
Most of the time, our experienced team can diagnose furnace issues quickly and repair them quickly. If your furnace is 10 years old or less, a repair will most likely get things running again smoothly. If the repair is less than a third of what it would be cost to install a new heating system and the system is not well into its lifespan, repairing it is usually the best choice.

However, if your heating system is 15 to 20 years old and you are putting more and more money into expensive repairs each year, it’s likely time to think about your next option. A new furnace will not only be reliable but it will pay off in the long run. That’s because you will be saving money in high utility bills and you won’t be throwing your hard earned money to repairs that will end up not working for the long term.

New furnace benefits:
New heating systems are EnergyStar® rated and can save you hundreds of dollars yearly during the cold winter months. In fact, last summer regulations went into effect to require that all new furnaces have ECM motors, which are more electrically efficient. These machines are dependable and incredibly quiet. You can hardly tell that they’re on. We are proud Bryant dealers and sell the following furnaces:

Bryant Legacy™ Line Gas Furnaces:
– A low-cost, entry-level solution for any home with a 95% AFUE rating

Preferred Series Gas Furnaces:
– Available in single- and two-stage options for ultimate comfort and energy efficiency with a 96.5% AFUE rating

Evolution Series Gas Furnaces:
– One of the quietest and most energy efficient furnaces, available in two-stage and modulating options, boasting a 98.3% AFUE rating

The importance of maintenance:
Perhaps your furnace repair or replacement happened simply because you have not focused on keeping the system professionally maintained. Professional maintenance will help prolong the life of your system, so it is important to keep this in mind. Just like your car needs regular tune-ups and oil changes, so does your heating system so you can prevent expensive repairs or a full replacement when you’re least expecting it.

Our team of licensed, trained heating and cooling specialists at Metro Air Heating & Cooling understand the importance of keeping both you and your family warm and comfortable this winter. Let us help you find the right system for your home and budget! Contact us today to ask questions and set up your appointment.

Posted on:
1. 20. 2020

Meet This Year’s Community Hero!

Written by: Metro Air

Every year, we team with Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems to provide a local community hero with a new heating system for their home. Communities and Bryant dealers like us around the country participate in nominating deserving men and women who could benefit from a gift like this. And this year, we were able to install a FREE furnace to a hero in our city.

This year, we’d like you to meet Justin Johnson from Eden Prairie! Justin is a Minneapolis Fire Captain who started a fundraising program called Coats for Kids or Operation Warm. He provided thousands of brand-new United States made winter coats for kids around Minneapolis to Native American reservations. Justin started with just an idea and had no backing from anyone, and now there are large local sponsors for the fundraiser. Ken Johnson, who nominated Justin for the title of “Bryant Community Hero” says this about him:

“His goal is to provide every needy kid with a winter coat for the winter months. This has been his passion. Justin never asks for a ‘thank you’ from anyone.”

Justin’s heart has been to help those in need. And now, our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling was able to help him in return. We are proud to honor Justin and his commitment to the local community. People like him make our world a better place!

Justin, we hope you enjoy your new furnace for many years to come!