Posted on:
10. 21. 2019

Do You Need a Furnace Replacement?

Written by: Metro Air

It is officially autumn! Cooler temperatures are on their way and that means your furnace needs to be prepared. Is it up for the job of keeping you warm all season long? If not, we can help. Here are some reasons why you should consider a furnace replacement this Fall.

#1: Energy efficiency.
Is your furnace more than 10-15 years old? If it is, chances are, it’s not energy efficient. New furnaces have superb technology that keeps energy efficiency in mind. The average family will spend thousands of dollars each year in utility bills and heating and cooling bills are at the top of that spending. An energy efficient furnace will save you a significant amount of money each year.

#2: Safety.
Old furnaces will have parts that go wrong. For example, the heat exchanger coils can fail and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to get your system maintained annually with professional servicing. This will help avoid issues like this. However, over time, the system’s parts will start to wear down and become less and less reliable.

#3: Reliability.
Has your old furnace been repaired multiple times? Don’t keep trying to save it with costly repairs, especially if the system is over a decade old. The money spent on expensive repairs can be put toward the cost of a new, reliable furnace. You need a system that you can depend on when the weather gets cold. No one wants to be left with a cold house and a broken furnace this Fall or Winter.

Ready to think about options for a new furnace this season? Our experienced team of heating and cooling specialists at Metro Air Heating and Cooling will help! We will look at your home’s layout and recommend what furnace options are best, while working with you on your budget. So, contact us today for information on getting your furnace replacement started!