Posted on:
9. 23. 2019

Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget Your HVAC System

Written by: Metro Air

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, you probably have a checklist of things you want to complete. Taking on a home remodel is a big decision, so when you’re making out your list, don’t forget to include your HVAC system. If you’re adding on a room to the home or remodeling the whole thing, a new HVAC system is a great investment that will keep you comfortable all year long. Here’s why replacing your HVAC system during a remodel is a good idea.

#1: You’ll replace the outdated system.
Heating and cooling systems generally last between 10 to 20 years. So, if the existing system is older than that, chances are, it’s time for a full replacement. Old systems are not energy efficient and will use more energy and drive your utility bill up. New systems will save you money on energy bills and will be more reliable. That means you won’t need to risk unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs.

#2: It’s convenient.
Our team of professionals at Metro Air Heating & Cooling know that time is valuable during your remodel project. That’s why we work quickly and efficiently. Most heating and cooling installations take only 1-2 days. That means it’s convenient for your remodeling schedule and won’t hold you back on any other projects that are on the list.

#3: You’ll have system options.
Not sure which system is right for your home? There are several different options that could be right for your home. Our experts can help determine what the best match is for your home’s layout and size. Some of your options include electric furnaces, gas furnaces, and ductless heat pumps.

Ready to talk to our experienced team about your heating and cooling system replacement? Fall is the perfect time to do it! We’re happy to come out and look at the space and talk about what might be best. We’ll work with your budget, too! Contact us today to talk about your home remodel and how a new system can fit in with the new layout.

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9. 16. 2019

How to Plan for a Full System Replacement

Written by: Metro Air

Cooling & Heating installed by Metro Air Heating & Cooling

Your home is your oasis, so keeping the temperature just right is important. Minnesota weather can go from hot and humid to frigid in a short amount of time, but your home’s comfort is what matters the most. So, if your heating and cooling system is not working at peak efficiency, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace it. New HVAC systems in your home can be a big investment. They will last for many years, so it’s important to know what to do when planning for a full system replacement. Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Know what you need.
Do you need a gas furnace replacement? Maybe a ductless heating and cooling system would work well for your home’s specific layout. Whatever it is, do some research on your options and call our team of experts for advice. Our experienced, no-pressure experts can help you determine what size and type of system you need. Most importantly, we will work within your budget, so you know what you need.

Tip #2: Know when you need it.
Most heating and cooling systems will last in the 10 to 20-year range. If the system has been around for longer than two decades, it simply will not be running as efficiently as it could be. In addition, if you’ve spent significant money on repairs in recent years to keep the system running, it may be time to weigh the costs. That money you’re spending on repairs could be going towards a new, updated, and reliable system.

Tip #3: Know what it costs.
Metro Air Heating & Cooling understands that your home or office’s heating and cooling system is a costly investment. We are glad to work within your budget and offer different system options. For added convenience, we offer various financing options to help lighten the load. Our plans range from three to eight-year loans, and interest rates are much lower than credit card interest rates. In addition, many of the options are no interest loans. This means you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Based on approved credit, our available financing options can help get you on the path toward system replacement in no time at all.

Whether it’s a new gas furnace, a heat pump, or something else, a new system is a significant purchase for your home or commercial building that will allow you to stay comfortable for many years to come. Metro Air Heating and Cooling has over 38 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. Contact us today for more details on systems and financing options!