Posted on:
8. 26. 2019

Get ready for fall with an air purifier

Written by: Metro Air

Summer is starting to wind down and in just a few short weeks, fall will officially begin. Fall brings back to school activities and that can sometimes increase stress. To keep you and your family healthy, you will need to not only keep your home clean and minimize your stress levels, but did you know your indoor air quality can also affect your health? Clean air means healthier air and an air purifier can help with this. Here are some of our most popular air purification systems. They can help transform the air you breathe and keep you healthier all year long.

Evolution® Perfect Air ™ Purifier:
This system is highly efficient and can clean all the air in your home in seconds. One of the best features is the Capture and Kills™ technology that catches up to 99% airborne germs, viruses, bacteria and mold, then zaps them with an electrical charge to eradicate them. The purifier comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty and cleans up to 100 times more air than smaller portable units.

Bryant Preferred™ Series Air Purifier:
This system also uses the Capture and Kills™ technology and catches up to 96% of airborne germs and pathogens that cause the flu, common cold, and strep. Available in a narrow cabinet design, it can be installed in small spaces.

The best part? These systems are quickly installed and work alongside your existing heating and cooling system. Once it is up and running, you’ll notice a difference immediately in the quality of air you’re breathing.

It’s easy to take for granted the air we breathe in and not think about it. However, each breath you take matters. And if you’re breathing poor quality air, you’ll feel the negative effects. As autumn starts and the business of life kicks back in, you will need to do whatever it takes to keep you and your family healthy. Take family wellness seriously and contact us today for information on getting your air purification system installed. Cold and flu season won’t stand a chance in your home this year!



Posted on:
8. 19. 2019

Unique Ways to Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

Written by: Metro Air


Your air conditioning is one of the most important household investments. It plays a critical role in keeping you cool during hot Midwest days. These systems are big and bulky, and they can sometimes be an eyesore for your yard. Here are some unique ways to keep it hidden, so your yard’s aesthetic appeal isn’t compromised.

#1: Hide it with greenery.
Not only will you hide your AC unit, but you’ll be planting some beauty around your yard at the same time! Plant small trees or shrubs around it. This can help provide natural shade so the system isn’t exposed to scorching sun and it will also enhance your landscaping which can increase curb appeal and add value to the home. Make sure that you always keep the greenery trimmed with accessible space to the system, so you can clean, repair, or keep on top of annual maintenance.

#2: Add a dedicated structure.
If you’re handy, this could be a fun project! It’s common for homeowners to build structures for their air conditioning unit, acting as an outdoor closet with a removable top. Make sure you never fully enclose the AC system, because this will stop airflow and cause a problem with the system’s efficiency and functionality.

#3: Build a fence.
Fences are commonly used to disguise the exterior AC unit. It’s important to know how to properly do this, though. If you decide to build a fence, make sure it is not completely enclosed and leave space around the unit for air to circulate well. Allow for 1-3 feet of open horizontal space. Once the fence is installed, you can plant a climbing plant that flowers, like a clematis to add a pop of color to the area!

With some creativity, your exterior air conditioning unit won’t be an ugly part of the yard. If it’s done correctly, it could even make your home look better! Is your system old and out of date? It’s likely that it is not energy efficient and could be increasing your utility bill. Your system is meant to last 10-12 years, so if your is older than that, our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling can help with a Bryant cooling system replacement! Contact us today to talk to us about your system options. We will work with your budget and get your new system installed right away!