Posted on:
6. 24. 2019

Early Air Conditioning Problems to Avoid

Written by: Metro Air

Winter in Minnesota can be long and cold, so seeing more sun and warm weather during the summer months is a nice change of pace. Your air conditioning will be put to good use this summer, so it’s important to take good care of your AC all season long. Here are some early air conditioning problems to avoid.

Strange sounds:
A small noise like a click or a big rattling sound – whatever it is, don’t live with it! Noises are a sure sign that something is awry, and you could be looking at an even more expensive repair down the road if you ignore it. You could be looking at a worn-out belt, a loose motor mount, or something else, and all of those things could cause damage to the system.

Blowing warm air:
The last thing you want during the summer months in your home is more warm air! If you turn on your air conditioning system and it is blowing warm air instead of cold air, there’s a problem. This is something you will need to address right away, too, as this could indicate a problem with an internal component or possibly leaky ducts.

Short cycling:
If your air conditioning system is starting to short cycle, don’t ignore it. This could be a sign of an electrical problem or it could indicate that a repair needs to be made right away.

The best way to ensure that you won’t have air conditioning issues this summer is by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance with our team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling. We will change or clean your air filters, run energy efficiency checks, ensure that there are no loose connections, and make sure that no repairs need to be made. Surprise AC breakdowns in the middle of the summer heat can be miserable! Routine maintenance will help your system run effectively and efficiently so you can avoid emergency service. Maybe your air conditioning system has seen better days and it’s time to get it replaced fully so you can stay comfortable this season. We are proud Bryant dealers and can help you find the right energy efficient system for your home within your budget. Contact us today for information on maintenance, repair, or replacement!

Posted on:
6. 17. 2019

Save Energy This Summer with These Tips

Written by: Metro Air

The winter was long this year, but summer is right around the corner! The temperatures are rising and people around the area will be using their air conditioning system regularly for the next couple of months. Here are some helpful ways to save energy this summer.

Tip #1: Keep vegetation at bay.
The outside part of your cooling system needs to have weeds any other overgrown grass or vegetation clipped back at least two feet. This allows the system to pull in air efficiently.

Tip #2: Keep air filters cleaned or changed.
Clogged air filters will cause your cooling system to work harder than necessary. This will cause your utility bill to rise and more energy will be used. If the system is continually working hard, it can decrease the lifespan of the machine and could cause unnecessary breakdowns. Be sure your air filters are cleaned or replaced bi-monthly.

Tip #3: Keep heat producing appliances away from thermostat.
Lamps, candles, or appliances like a toaster or oven all produce heat and should be kept away from thermostats, as it can cause it to read the room temperature to be higher than it really is.

Tip #4: Install a programmable thermostat.
Programmable thermostats can save significant amounts of energy which will translate to hundreds of dollars at the end of the year! These thermostats allow you to set the temperature to whatever is most comfortable, and then you can program it to turn up, down, or off, whenever you want – even if you aren’t at home!

Tip #5: Schedule a tune-up.
Just like your vehicle needs regular oil changes and tune-ups, so does your cooling system! During these preventative maintenance appointments, our experienced team at Metro Air Heating and Cooling will run an energy efficiency check, clean or change the filters, check and ensure the inside components and mechanisms are working right, and will alert you to any issues that may be posing a threat to running at peak efficiency.

Your cooling system will play a big role in your overall comfort this summer, so be sure you do what you can to ensure it’s running well and not wasting energy! Perhaps your system is energy inefficient simply because it is old. Systems that are over 10 years old simply do not have the energy efficiency of new systems, so a replacement may be in order.  Contact us today for a quote on which Bryant system could be right for you!