Posted on:
5. 27. 2019

Why You Should Ditch Your Window Air Conditioner

Written by: Metro Air

Before we know it, summer weather will be making its appearance and we will be scrambling to get into some cool air-conditioned air. With our hot and humid days in this part of the country, air conditioning is a necessity for many people and window air conditioning units may be what they turn to. However, there is a better option out there that is more energy efficient and a lot more effective in providing even cooling all season long. Here are some reasons why you should get rid of your window air conditioner and invest in a central air conditioner or ductless mini-split heat pump to provide cooling this spring and summer.

#1: They take up space.
Air conditioning units for the windows are big, bulky, and ugly – not just from an inside view, but from the outside too. They protrude out of the side of the home and can decrease curb appeal. Not to mention, they take up valuable space in the window, cutting out natural sunlight.

#2: They don’t cool much space.
If you have a large space, a window unit is not going to do much to help cool things down. They can be helpful for small bedrooms or small apartments, but if you’re looking for air conditioning that will cool a large living room, family room, or kitchen/entertaining space, a window unit just won’t provide the cooling you need.

#3: They waste energy.
Most window air conditioners come with low SEER ratings and simply do not maximize energy usage like a new central air conditioner or ductless mini split will. That means you may see a peak in your utility bill prices over the summer. Getting rid of your old window units will help save energy and save money over the long haul and will keep you more comfortable, too.

#4: They are noisy.
Tired of having to talk loudly or repeat yourself when your window unit is running on high during a warm spring or summer day? Central air conditioning systems or ductless heat pumps are so quiet that you will hardly notice that they are running!

Your window air conditioning units simply can’t compete with the efficiency of a new central air conditioning system or ductless heat pump. These systems are worth the investment and will help you decrease your utility bill and save energy, all while keeping you comfortable and adding value to your home! Our experienced team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling can help you determine which air conditioning option is right for you. So, before you go hauling in that window unit for the summer, reconsider your other options. We can help you find a new system that fits your budget and space requirements! Contact us today for information!