Posted on:
8. 27. 2018

Improve Your Air Quality For Fall

Written by: Metro Air

There is more and more talk about air quality and the importance of breathing clean air. Continually breathing in air that is dirty can be bad for your lungs and could cause health problems over time. No matter where you live or travel to, breathing clean air should be a priority. As summer ends and we enter the autumn season, you can improve your air quality, so you can maximize your health. Here are some helpful tips.

Tip #1: Keep your heating and cooling system maintained.
If you can’t remember the last time you had your heating and cooling system professionally maintained, it’s time to call our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment. Routine maintenance is one of the primary ways to keeping your system running at its peak for years to come, but it is also critical when it comes to indoor air quality. As you use your system, dust and debris will accumulate and if it is not cleaned out regularly, it will begin to interfere with system operations. In addition, it will also lead to contaminated air. Contact us today for information on setting up your routine maintenance appointment so you can ensure the air you and your family breathe is as clean.

Tip #2: Don’t neglect your air filters.
It’s simple: dirty air filters mean you are breathing dirty air. The filters in your heat pump or furnace should be cleaned and/or replaced every 1 to 2 months.  Not only will this ensure that your system is given the opportunity to function at its peak, but it will also reduce the flow of dust, mold, debris, and other harmful allergens or pollutants into the air that you’re breathing. If you replace or clean your filters at the recommended time, you will probably notice a difference in air quality right away.

Tip #3: Add an air purification system to your home.
Air purification systems and air exchangers are a great investment for your home. We offer a variety of brands that work alongside your already existing heating and cooling system so it’s convenient for you to add on and operate. Talk to us about which air purifiers could be right for your space.

With these simple tips, you can take control of your indoor air quality! Your family deserve to breathe clean, healthy air. Call us for a routine service appointment, or if you need a system replacement, let us help with that too. Our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling has what you need to improve your air quality this upcoming autumn and beyond.

Posted on:
8. 20. 2018

Do Air Filters Impact Air Conditioning?

Written by: Metro Air

Your air conditioner is working hard this summer to keep you cool and comfortable. In order to keep it running as effectively, reliably, and efficiently as possible, you should take good care of it by scheduling routine preventative maintenance appointments. In between those appointments, however, you should make sure the air filters are clean and/or replaced regularly. Surprising, your air filters do impact your air conditioning’s performance. Here’s how.

A dirty air filter

might not seem like a big deal, but it really is! Dirty air filters can cause your indoor air quality to decrease significantly if they are not cleaned or replaced. But that is just one of the things that can happen. Your air filter is primarily there to protect your AC system from developing other issues that can happen with dust, dirt, and other debris enter the system and build up on and around the inside components.

The first thing that can happen is an overall decline in energy efficiency. You might see your energy bill increase or you may not feel like the system is cooling as well as it should. Dirty filters mean that the system has to work a lot harder to get clean air through it and that will cause it to use more energy to do the job it was intended to do.

You could also see that your system starts to short cycle more often. This puts more wear and tear on the system and over time, the system simply will not be able to last as long as it could have if the filters were replaced and cleaned more regularly.

Have questions about your AC system and how to make sure your filters are cleaned or replaced properly? Our experienced team of heating and cooling specialists at Metro Air Heating & Cooling can help! We will help answer your questions and make sure that you get a preventative maintenance appointment scheduled so you can be sure that your system is ready to keep you comfortable for the rest of the season. If you need a total AC system replacement, it’s not too late! We can provide options and pricing on that, too. Contact us today!