Posted on:
5. 28. 2018

3 Tips To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

Written by: Metro Air

Does the humidity in your home make you feel uncomfortable? Or perhaps you’ve noticed changes inside your home like warped floors or mold growth. Excessive humidity in your home is not only annoying, but it can cause you to use your HVAC system more and increase your energy bills. Here are some helpful ways you can reduce humidity in your home and make it more comfortable.

Tip #1: Avoid excess moisture.
Do you have exhaust fans installed in your bathrooms and kitchen? If so, use them regularly. In addition, be sure that your dryer vent is directing humid air outside, rather than having it circulate back into the air. All of this can contribute to excess moisture in the air.

Tip #2: Get a dehumidifier.
Using a dehumidifier is a great solution to helping reduce the amount of humid air in your home. They can prevent the stale smell that comes with humid air and help reduce your chance of having mold growth develop, which can cause health issues over time. It can also help cool your home, which means you won’t have to use your air conditioner as much during the summer and spring months. This translates to more money in your pocket because of reduced utility bills.

Tip #3: Keep your air conditioner properly maintained.
When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? Be sure to stay on top of preventative maintenance to ensure all parts are working at peak efficiency. During these appointments, our team of HVAC technicians will run efficiency checks, clean the air filters, and make sure there are no components that need to be repaired or replaced. We’ll also make sure that the drain lines and drip pans are clean and unobstructed, both of which can contribute to the development of humid air.

Your indoor air quality is important. Metro Air Heating and Cooling has been serving customers with outstanding HVAC repair and replacement service for the last 37 years. We can help get your home’s heating and cooling system set up, so you can stay comfortable all year long, no matter what the weather is doing outside. Contact us today for more information.

Posted on:
5. 21. 2018

Looking to Save Money on HVAC Costs?

Written by: Metro Air


Life is expensive – especially when you’re a homeowner. If you’re looking to reduce your spending this spring and keep more money in your pocket, you can help do that by knowing more about your HVAC system and how you can run it efficiently while saving money. Keeping your system operating at optimal efficiency will help make it more affordable to use. Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Upgrade your thermostat.
Are you home during the day? If not, set your thermostat lower so you’re not heating or cooling an empty space. Consider installing a programmable thermostat that can be programmed to turn down when you’re gone and turn up when you return. These can be great investments, as they can save hundreds of dollars each year.

#2: Use your ceiling fans.
There are a variety of beautiful ceiling fans out there that can enhance any room in your home and provide additional comfort. When used in tandem with your air conditioner during the warm days of spring and summer, they can help your system work more efficiently by evenly distributing the air throughout your home. In the winter, switch the direction of the fan blades to reverse, so it can help distribute air from your heater well. This will help your system work a little bit easier, which could translate to lower utility bills.

#3: Keep your air filter clean.
Clogged air filters are not a good thing to have, for a variety of reasons. Not only do they protect your indoor air quality and help provide clean air to your home, but dirty filters that are left unattended for a long time can cause harm to the HVAC system, because it causes your system to work harder than it needs to. Clean filters will provide clean air, but they will also allow your system to work more efficiently and in turn, save energy and reduce costs.

It’s also important to stay on top of preventative maintenance for your system, as this can help diagnose any unseen issues happening inside your system. Looking to replace or repair your HVAC system? Contact us today for information on what systems we have available and which one would work best for your home and its unique layout.