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4. 23. 2018

Traits To Look For When Hiring An HVAC Company

Written by: Metro Air


Need a heating or cooling system repair or replacement? There are a lot of different heating and cooling companies in the area to choose from, and once you start researching, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed with what to look for. Here are some important things to look for when choosing the right HVAC company for you.

#1: What is their experience like?
Just like any job, experience is always a great thing. And the more experience, the better! Experience is incredibly important when it comes to hiring an HVAC company.  How experience do they have in the local area? How much experience do they have on residential vs. commercial jobs? What’s their specialty? Be upfront in asking them about how long they have been working with local area businesses or residential clients. If you want, you can ask for information on recent jobs they completed, and you can do follow up to see what the jobs looked like and how they were completed.

#2: What do the online reviews say?
Online reviews and testimonials are one of the first things that people look for when they’re trying to learn more about a new company that they are considering working with. Look closely at what the company’s online reviews say by checking Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp reviews.  If there are negative reviews, try to see if there are any recurrent issues or themes. Don’t focus only on the bad reviews, but instead give equal weight to both the positive and negative reviews. Are there red flags? Try to determine what the company’s customer service priorities are in addition to learning more about their quality of workmanship.

#3: What services are provided?
Does the company only provide heater or air conditioner installations? If so, reconsider. For convenience sake and for the sake of your system’s long life, you’ll want to find a company that can provide not just the installation, but one that offers replacements, repairs, and preventative maintenance services. It’s better to find a trusted company that can serve you for the system’s duration, so you can have them ready to help with any HVAC needs that may arise later down the road.

We’ve been serving the local community for 37 years and are proud of our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling. Our reputation for quality of work and customer service is unmatched and speaks for itself.  Looking for a complete furnace or air conditioner replacement? Or, maybe your system is starting to make some weird sounds or isn’t functioning reliably. Perhaps you haven’t had any preventative maintenance done on the system for a long time and you want to get back into the routine of that to help maintain the life of the system. We can help with it all!  Contact us today for an appointment – you can trust our experience at Metro Air Heating & Cooling!

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4. 16. 2018

Ways to Clean Inside Air

Written by: Metro Air

Thinking about the inside air of your home is not something we commonly consider. But, it’s very important to keep it clean in order stay healthy! There are a variety of indoor air quality solutions that can make you feel better. Here are some ways to clean inside air.

Idea #1: Bring the outside in.
Did you know that houseplants are more than pretty additions to the home? They actually play an important role in cleaning the air that you breathe. They take in carbon dioxide then breathe out oxygen, the opposite of what animals and people do. This interdependent relationship inside the home helps filter the air and brings in fresh oxygen. The result: better indoor air quality inside your home!  Aloe plants are an easy plant to care for and if there are harmful chemicals in the air, the leaves will start showing brown spots. English Ivy has been rated as the top houseplant to help filter inside air and is well known for its ability to filter out formaldehyde. Snake plants and bamboo palms are also good options.

Idea #2: Keep floors clean.
Not only do clean floors look good and help reduce the spread of bacteria from shoes around the floors, but if you stay on top of mopping and vacuuming, you’ll also reduce the number of particles that end up in the air. Clean your floors at least once a week or more, especially if you have pets.

Idea #3: Use your furnace blower.
Leaving your furnace blower will re-circulate the air through your home through the intake and back out of the ductwork. However, it’s important that your furnace is regularly serviced, or else the blower will be ineffective, and your system will not clean the air well. It’s critical to keep your system professionally maintained, so contact our team at Metro Air to have your unit inspected and cleaned so you can be sure that it will be reliable and work well throughout the springtime season.

Idea #4: Change and clean your filters.
Clogged air filters will allow lots of dost and debris to be re-circulated throughout the air in your home. This can be very harmful to people who have chronic asthma or allergies. Even if you don’t live with these conditions, indoor air quality will be impacted over time in a negative way if you have clogged air filters. Clean or replace filters every month or every other month.

Improving your indoor air quality can be done! Controlling the dust and bolstering ventilation will help! Spring is the perfect time to get this done so you can stay comfortable throughout the upcoming warmer months.  We’re also proud to carry a wide variety of indoor air purifiers that can work in tandem with your existing HVAC system. This will work to clean the air you breathe so you can be assured that your lungs are not taking in any harmful pathogens or pollutants that can cause damage. Contact us today for information on getting your HVAC system serviced or replaced, or for information on what air purification system can work for you.