Posted on:
1. 22. 2018

Why You Should Upgrade Your HVAC System in 2018

Written by: Metro Air

It is official 2018 and that means many homeowners are writing out their home maintenance to-dos. If your home has a heating system that is old or inefficient, consider adding an HVAC replacement to your list. Upgrading your HVAC system will help you save energy and it will also help save you money in costly repairs. In addition, it will work reliably for many years to come and that will help take off any undue pressure! Here’s why you should upgrade your HVAC system in 2018.

Reason #1: Reliability.
Tired of turning on your HVAC system and not having it run efficiently? Or, maybe when you turn it on, it just simply doesn’t work well. Winter weather is especially cold and this is when you need your heating system to work reliably. No one wants to have a furnace breakdown! A new system will keep you comfortable for many years to come and that reliability will give you and your family peace of mind.

Reason #2: Energy Efficiency.
Our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling recognizes that conserving energy and saving money is a big part of being a homeowner. The technology today in new HVAC systems is unrivaled and is unlike the previous models made years ago. New HVAC systems are created to be incredibly energy efficient and that means throughout the years, you’ll see a cost savings and you’ll feel good about doing your part to helping the environment.

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding out which HVAC system you need? One of the first points to read about is what the efficiency ratings are. Good efficiency ratings mean you’ll save money through the year, not only in energy, but on repair costs as well. The higher the rating number for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), the better it is for overall energy and efficiency savings.

Our HVAC professionals at Metro Air Heating & Cooling can help provide options on what system size and style would work best for your home’s specific layout. We will also work to stay within your budget, because we know that is a big part of your decision! If needed, we will go over various financing options, too. Contact us today to learn more so you can stay comfortable throughout 2018!


Posted on:
1. 15. 2018

How to Make Your Furnace Efficient for Winter

Written by: Metro Air

Your furnace is being used a lot this winter! But is it efficient? Your heater is being put to good use, so here are some beneficial ways you can make sure it’s running efficiently so you’re not wasting energy or money on high utility bills. Read more on how to make your furnace efficient for winter.

Tip #1: Take care of leaking ductwork.
Leaking ductwork costs homeowners thousands of dollars each year. Leaky ductwork is common in the attic or basement, especially if there is not enough insulation or sealed windows and doors throughout. Not only will air leak in and out, but it will also allow harmful particles to enter the air you’re breathing. Contact us today for information on how we can work with you to determine your energy usage and how to make it more efficient.

Tip #2: Schedule regular preventative maintenance on your furnace.
Completing regular maintenance appointments for your furnace is critical. Preventative maintenance appointments are one of the primary ways that you can keep your system working well and with maximum efficiency, maintaining its lifespan. In addition, these appointments will ensure that all parts are working properly! No one wants an inefficient furnace that could break down at any time, especially during cold winter weather.  Contact us today to set up your appointment.

Tip #3: Stay on top of furnace replacement.
This maintenance item is one that many homeowners forget about! However, it should not be neglected because dirty filters can bring in dirty air. Not to mention, it causes your furnace to work unnecessarily hard. Regularly cleaning your filters will also reduce the flow of dust, mold, allergens, and other germs that can transfer into the air you’re breathing. Cleaning your filters every couple of months will make a big difference in furnace efficiency, and you’ll also notice a difference in air quality.

Keeping your furnace running well is important to us! Start 2018 the right way and let our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling help you get your system repaired, replaced, or tuned up so you can stay comfortable all winter long.