Posted on:
10. 26. 2017

Can air purifiers help your health?

Written by: Metro Air

The fall and winter weather bring cool air and viruses seem to start circulating more and more. To keep your health strong, you’ll need to reduce your stress levels as much as possible and keep your home clean. But did you know that the indoor air quality of your home can also make a huge difference? Clean air translates to a healthier environment inside your home and air purifiers can make a big difference. Here are some of our go-to air purification systems that can transform the air you breathe.

Evolution® Perfect Air™ Purifier:
This is an outstanding machine that can clean the air in your whole home with high efficiency. It features a Capture and Kills ™ technology that catches up to 99% airborne viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria, then uses an electrical charge to kill them. It also comes with a 10 year limited parts warranty and can clean up to 100 times more air than portable units.

Bryant Preferred™ Series Air Purifier:
This product also features a Capture and Kills ™ technology that can capture up to 96% of airborne germs and mold and has been proven effective in eliminating influenza, common cold, and strep pathogens. It comes in a narrow cabinet design that allows for it to be installed in a variety of small spaces, and also comes with a 10 year limited parts warranty.

These purification systems can work with your HVAC system that’s already installed in your home and once it’s up and running, you’ll notice a difference right away.

The air you breathe matters and over time, you’ll see a difference in the overall health and wellness of both you and the family members that live in your home. Contact us today for more information on getting an air filter or air purification system installed in your home before the cold and flu season strikes.

Posted on:
10. 19. 2017

Why are clogged air filters a big deal?

Written by: Metro Air

Did you know that clogged air filters can cause big issues? In fact, clogged filters really are a big deal. Surprisingly, they’re one of the primary causes of heating and cooling system breakdowns and other issues. The air filter in your system will gather debris and dust and if the filters aren’t cleaned and/or replaced regularly, it can slow the air flow down and cause your system to work hard.

Clogged air filters cause problems. Here’s how:
When your air filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, your system has to play catch up to compensate for the air flow that has become blocked. Over time, this will not just affect your system’s performance, but you’ll also probably see a spike in your utility bill because of the extra energy that’s being used. Also, because the air flow is being restricted, the heat exchanger can overheat or turn off too fast, which means your home won’t warm up the way you want it to. Brr!

Does your filter need to be cleaned or replaced? Here are some signs:

Sign #1: Increasing energy use and rising utility bills.
Your system needs continual air re-circulation. If it doesn’t get that, the blower fan needs to work harder and you’ll see continued increases in your energy bill. This is so common, that the Department of Energy reports that clogged filters can use up to 15% more energy. If you want to stop throwing money away and save it instead, set a reminder to clean or replace your filters monthly or bi-monthly.

Sign #2: Unclean air.
Your air filter has a big job: keeping the air clean. A dirty, clogged filter will simply recirculate the dirty, dusty air right back into your home and the air you breathe will be less than ideal. People that have respiratory health issues, asthma or allergies will notice issues with their breathing over time if the filters are not cleaned. Furthermore, harmful bacteria and other airborne pathogens and viruses can make their way into the air you breathe, and that means your health will be compromised.

Sign #3: Uneven heating.
If you have hot or cold spots in your room, dirty air filters may be partially to blame. Blower fans push the air through the filter and into your home, but if the filter is clogged, the blower fan has a harder time doing the work, so this means you will likely experience some hot or cold spots around the rooms in your home. This can be frustrating because temperatures aren’t accurate and you won’t be comfortable.

Now that autumn is here and winter will be here in just a couple of short months, it’s important to make sure your heating system is cleaned and ready to go. Routine cleaning and/or replacing of your air filters is crucial to maintaining the life of your home’s furnace. To stay on top of everything before the bitterly cold weather sets in, contact us for a maintenance tune-up. This will give you the confidence you need, knowing that everything has been examined and that things are in good working order for the future. If we notice anything that looks out of the ordinary, we’ll talk to you about what repair or replacement needs to be made. The air you breathe is important and will make a big difference in how comfortable you are year-round. Contact us today for more information on how to clean your air filters properly, or to get an maintenance, repair, or replacement appointment scheduled.