Posted on:
12. 28. 2016

Install A Whole House Humidifier And Be Healthier

Written by: Metro Air

One of the many benefits of having a whole house humidifier installed in your home is it can make you healthier.

Viruses thrive in low humidity which can increase your chances of catching a nasty cold or flu bug. Heating your home dries out the air , making it a better environment for these viruses. The easy solution is installing a whole house automatic humidifier. It will bring your humidity up to more comfortable levels that will prevent dry itchy skin , static shocks and” feeling too cold ” at normal temperatures. And it will make your house a lot tougher for viruses to flourish. So installing a new humidifier today will make you feel and stay healthier tomorrow!

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Posted on:
12. 20. 2016

Does Your Furnace Need A Tune Up ?

Written by: Metro Air

Does your furnace need a tune-up?

The coldest days of winter are here and it’s important to keep your furnace running at its peak! Is your system working well? Do you know what the signs are of a poorly functioning furnace? Furnaces should be tuned up annually, no matter what, but what if you need a tune-up right now? Here are the signs that your heating system is overdue for a tune-up.

Sign #1: The heat doesn’t always work.
This is pretty common sense, but if the heater doesn’t always work, you should consider getting it looked at right away. If you ignore the problem, it could turn into something even more serious or dangerous, and that could mean you’ll have to come up with money for an expensive repair or even a full replacement. If your furnace is not functioning reliably, call us today for a service appointment.

Sign #2: You see a big increase in utility costs.
Most homeowners see an increase in their utility bill during the winter because the furnace is running longer. But, if you compare your bill to last winter’s bills and you see an unusual spike with no rise in utility rates, you should get the furnace professionally looked at. There could be a broken part that needs repairing or you may have leaky ductwork.

Sign #3: There are unusual noises.
When your furnace is running well, it should be quiet for the most part. If you’re noticing loud noises like clicks, bangs, or thumps, when it’s running or when you first go to turn it on, there could be something wrong. Don’t ignore unusual sounds, as these can be signs that there is something serious going on with the unit. Call our team of professionals to come out and diagnose what’s happening, then adjust or repair the problem so the machine can start functioning well once again.

Furnace tune-ups are vital for your system and can help with the lifespan of the unit. Not only that, but your home will be kept comfortable all winter long! Contact us today for a service appointment, and we’ll be out there in no time to make sure you’re good to go.