Posted on:
11. 18. 2016

Cover Your Air Conditioner Or Not

Written by: Metro Air

The question is often asked, ” should I cover my air conditioner for winter”. There’s not an easy answer. Covering your AC can actually trap moisture inside, which can cause problems in the future. Covering your AC can also make it a comfortable home for mice to make a nest in and chew up your electrical wires, causing major problems.
We tell our customers if you have your AC in a location where ice chunks could fall on it, to place a piece of plywood on top preventing damage to your AC.
Most air conditioning manufacturers don’t recommend putting a cover on their products.

Posted on:
11. 4. 2016

Welcome to Our New Website!

Written by: Metro Air

Metro Air Heating, Cooling and Ventilation just launched a brand new website! Featuring responsive design and interactive content, our site layout offers a customized user experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops of any screen size.


Visit our modern new website to learn more about Metro Air and the excellent services we provide to the southwest Twin Cities’ area. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Metro Air prides ourselves in our trustworthy, experienced technicians. We also carry the highest quality heating, cooling and air quality equipment in the industry.

It’s not only our products and people that make Metro Air stand out from our competitors – we also offer some of the best services in the industry! We conduct FREE in-home estimates, 24 Hour Emergency Repair, and the most detailed Preventative Maintenance out there. To even better serve you, we also have a variety of financing options and seasonal rebates.

Metro Air is also extremely excited to announce that we will soon have a Buy Online feature on the website! Making purchasing items like filters, bulbs and pad more convenient than ever! Stay tuned for the launch of our new sales tools.

See anything on the website you’re curious about? Please feel free to Contact Us today!