Posted on:
2. 18. 2018

Certain Air Conditioner Chemicals Are Being Phased Out: Here’s Why

Written by: Metro Air

Your air conditioner is a complex machine that consists of many intricate parts. In combination with the various components inside, there are chemicals that are needed to have it run efficiently. Hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs) are some of these chemicals and they’re primarily used as refrigerants inside of your air conditioner. R-22 is the most commonly used HCFC refrigerant used; however, this chemical is terrible for the environment and if it leaks out and is released into the environment’s air, it can contribute to negative climate change and the destruction of the Earth’s ozone layer.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is now phasing out the use of R-22 and other chemicals that are known to cause harm to the environment we live in. As of 2020, no R-22 will be produced or imported. After that, R-22 supplies will become more limited and technicians that service machines that still use R22 may charge more to work on it.

What should you do?
The first and most important thing you can do, no matter what system you have, is to keep up on regular preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance on a regular basis will safeguard against any broken parts, but it will also ensure that there are no leaks that could be causing damage to the Earth and the environment around you.

Second, know that you’re not required to stop using your system that uses R-22. But, know that it’s being phased out in the next two years. This will give homeowners time to replace their existing equipment and move away from a machine that uses toxic chemicals.  A new system will not only use alternative refrigerant that is not harmful to the environment, but it will also be more energy efficient for you, which translates to greater savings in your utility bills.

Third, if your system is decades old and it’s not reliable, chances are, it will need to be fully replaced soon. New systems with the Energy Star® label are known to be about 14% more efficient than systems that do not have this indication.  While researching new systems, make sure you find out what kind of refrigerant is used. Look for alternative refrigerants such as R-410A that do not contribute to ozone damage.

Not sure if your current system uses R-22? Or maybe you know it’s time to replace your unit before the change of seasons in the next few weeks. Our team of professional technicians can advise you on how you should go forward. If a new system is needed, we’ll talk to you about which system is right for you and your space’s unique layout. Contact us today for a free appointment.

Posted on:
2. 12. 2018

How Regular Furnace Maintenance Can Save You Money

Written by: Metro Air

If saving money in 2018 is top on your priority list, look no further than your furnace. Regular maintenance on your HVAC system can save you money and here’s how.

#1: Lower utility bills.
Getting your utility bill each month can be something that you dread, especially during the wintertime when your heater is working more. When your system runs, it’s pulling air into your home to heat it, and when one of the components of the system is broken or not running at peak efficiency, the system must work harder to heat the air. This translates to an increase in energy usage and at the end of the month, a bigger utility bill.

#2: Enhanced efficiency.
A maintained HVAC system translates to improved efficiency. During your preventative maintenance service appointment, our experienced technicians will clean the components, change batteries on your thermostats, make sure everything is working well, and ensure that there is no dust or debris that can wreck the airflow process and slow it down. We’ll also make sure that there are no minor repairs that need to be made and if there are, we will discuss what they are and how to get things fixed quickly so you aren’t without heat.

#3: Fewer repairs.
When your system is working hard during the winter months, the last thing you want is an unexpected breakdown. Regular maintenance will ensure that your system won’t need expensive repairs all the time, because we’ll be checking it routinely to spot problems that could potentially become more serious. We’ll watch your system throughout the various seasons and that means it’s less likely to break down completely. Minor issues will be fixed so they don’t turn into major ones.

If you haven’t set up an appointment for a routine service appointment, now is the time to do so! We provide a variety of service plans that will fit your specific needs and budget. Contact us today for information!