Posted on:
4. 15. 2019

Go Ductless for Your Home Remodel

Written by: Metro Air

Remodeling your home is a big job and requires juggling a lot of different details. If you’re about to start remodeling your home and a new heating and cooling system is order, consider going ductless! Chances are, you’ve heard of ductless mini splits at some point. These systems have become very popular in recent decades because they provide heating and cooling in one system!

If your home is older, adding ductwork for a traditional heating and cooling system can really dig into your remodeling budget. The good news is you don’t to worry about it! And, you don’t need to settle for inefficient and bulky window units in the summer or electric baseboard heat in the winter. A ductless system can be a great option! They can be installed into any home, they’re affordable, and they are incredibly energy efficient. Ductless systems are so energy efficient, that the average homeowner can save hundreds of dollars a year in utility costs.

If you or anyone in your family lives with allergies or asthma, ductwork is known to bring in dust, lint, debris, and other dander while it’s being used. Ductless systems, however, circulate less contaminants around your home. This allows for better indoor air quality. And that could make a big difference in the lives of people that have seasonal hay fever, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

If you’re remodeling just a portion of your home and adding a new room or living space onto it, a ductless system could be a great option in this scenario, too. You won’t need to worry about extending the existing ductwork anywhere and you can finish the remodel as you had envisioned it.

If you’re considering a home remodel, consider installing a ductless system that will serve as your reliable heating and cooling source. Our experienced team of heating and cooling specialists at Metro Air Heating & Cooling can help you determine which Bryant ductless system is right for your home and its layout. Contact us today to get your project on the books, so you can enjoy staying comfortable all year long!

Posted on:
4. 8. 2019

Two Air Quality Problems That Affect Spring Air

Written by: Metro Air

Springtime is here and that means on sunny days, you might want to open your windows for fresh air. However, seasonal air quality can be an issue and you don’t want to bring in pollutants. Here are some air quality problems that affect spring air and how you can combat them.

#1: Pollen and dander.
Spring brings new blooms and plenty of pollen. Dogs and cats are also shedding their winter coats and there may be extra hair and dander in the air. That means people with asthma or allergies are bound to start feeling uncomfortable. To keep allergies at bay, encourage people to remove their shoes and coats at the door so they don’t track these things inside. We also recommend installing a reliable air purification system that works in tandem with your HVAC system. These systems are effective in capturing up to 99% of pollen, germs, and other bacteria that cause illness! For example, the Bryant Evolution ® Perfect Air ™ Purifier uses a patented Capture and Kill™ technology and can clean up to 100 times more air than portable units. They’ve also been proven to remove mold, pollen and bacteria. These include influenza, the common cold, streptococcus, and many more!

#2: Humidity.
The Midwest is home to humid days and that excess moisture in the air can be uncomfortable. It can also cause air quality issues. Mold and dust mites love humid environments. That means with allergies are bound to see some negative effects. To combat humidity, a quality air conditioning system can help dehumidify the air and make your home comfortable all season long. We are a proud Factory Authorized Dealer of Bryant air conditioning systems. We have options that fit your budget. Some of these models include the Bryant Legacy Line, Preferred Series, and Evolution Series. These air conditioners are extremely energy efficient. And, they can help provide the reliability you need to combat hot, humid Minnesota summers.

The air you breathe matters! Take control of any air quality issues this spring that negatively affect your health and contact our experienced team of specialists at Metro Air Heating & Cooling to get a new air purification system or air conditioner installed in time for spring and summer. We will answer the questions you have about indoor or outdoor air quality! And we will offer tangible solutions that help you live comfortably.