Posted on:
1. 21. 2019

Why Winter Is A Good Time To Replace Air Conditioning

Written by: Metro Air

Winter officially started last month, but it is not weird to think ahead to summer and planning ahead for warmer weather. Getting your air conditioner installed and ready to go in time for summer weather is a smart idea. Here are some reasons why winter is a good time to replace your air conditioning.

#1: Convenience.
The summer is one of the busiest times for heating and cooling companies nationwide. People are hot, uncomfortable, and are ready to get their air conditioning installed so they can stay cool. Between that and the various air conditioning repair calls our team at Metro Air Heating & Cooling gets each summer, it might take a little bit of time to get your appointment scheduled.  Our technicians are experienced in installing air conditioners year-round and the winter allows for you to find a time that is flexible with your schedule. If you’ve had to put money into costly air conditioning repairs the last few summers, then now is the time to consider an upgrade. Replacing it now means you can go into the summer confident that there will be no unexpected breakdowns.

#2: You can spend time researching.
Deciding to replace your air conditioning system when it’s broken and all you can think about is getting something in place so you can stay cool can be stressful. We recognize that heating and cooling replacements are big investments for homeowners and doing research ahead of time is an important part of the decision process. Planning well ahead of time and talking to our experts at Metro Air Heating & Cooling will allow you to be sure you know and understand your options completely. We will talk to you about new energy efficient models that can help save energy and money on your utility bill. We’ll also talk to you about how these can work alongside smart thermostats to save you even more. Replacing your air conditioning system now when you have time to research, rather than when you’re forced to decide, will allow you to relax a little and come up with financing options that work for you.

#3: Peace of mind.
You’ve waited all year for your summer vacation, and nothing is worse when your furnace or air conditioning breaks down when you’re gone. Have your system replaced before summer so you can head out on your trip without worrying about what could happen with your furnace.

Even though summer may seem like it’s far away, it’s okay to start thinking about it now! If your air conditioning system is more than a decade old, it’s highly likely that it may be on its way out. Did you know that replacing your air conditioner and your furnace at the same time can save you money, too? We can talk about that option when you schedule your free in-home estimate! Your air conditioning system can add value to your home and keep you comfortable during the summer! Whether it is a ductless heat pump, or one of the many Bryant air conditioning models such as the Evolution 2-Stage Air Conditioner, that you’re interested in, contact us today about which options might be right for your home and most importantly your budget.

Posted on:
1. 14. 2019

How House Cleanliness Effects Your Furnace

Written by: Metro Air

When you’re running your heating system non-stop during the coldest days of winter, it has a big job to do. The motor and the various electrical components play key roles in the functioning of the system, but your air filters play a big part in how the furnace works, too. Air filters catch debris, dust and dirt and they need to be replaced every few months. Doing so will help prolong the life of your heating system and it will also help maintain good indoor air quality.

If you don’t dust in your home regularly or if you have pets in the home that shed a lot, chances are, your air filter will fill up with pet dander, hair, and dust very quickly. Stay on top of dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping so you can reduce the intake of debris that heads into the air filter. Anything that is not swept up will likely end up in the air filter.

Noticing that your filter is getting full every couple of weeks rather than every few months? There are some ways to help this. If you don’t remember the last time it was replaced, then it’s likely time to get a new one in there. Next, stay on top of regular preventative maintenance appointments for your heating system by our professionals at Metro. This will give us a chance to look at the system and make sure there is nothing bigger going on with it. We will also run an energy efficiency check, ensure that there aren’t any repairs that need to be made, will answer any additional questions you may have, and if we think that duct cleaning is necessary, we will explain that to you as well.

If your system is more than 10 or 12 years old, there is a high likelihood that it only has a short amount of time left. Talk to us about current offers on some top-quality heating and cooling systems that will last you for many years to come. Your comfort is important – especially during the chilly winter months. We are an experienced Bryant dealer and are proud to carry a variety of Bryant product options including:

Bryant Evolution Series Gas Furnace and Heat Pumps
Bryant Preferred Series Gas Furnace and Heat Pumps
Bryant Legacy Line Gas Furnace and Heat Pumps

….and more!

Contact us today for a preventative maintenance appointment or to talk to us about options for a full system replacement.